Howell, MI 48855

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**BorderHauss Kennels is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays**

(no pick-ups, drop-offs, lessons, or classes)


I would like to welcome you and your best friend to his/her home away from home. My home is located in the center of the Pinckney Recreation Area just North of Chelsea, Michigan offering quiet and wilderness for your pet. Although this facility does offer traditional boarding, I specialize in allowing your pets to live with my four-legged family and myself in the comforts of home.

There are a number of extra amenities to choose from while your dog stays at Borderhauss Kennels.

                • Fitness Walk
                • Salon
                • Pedicure
                • Social Hour
                • Playground time
                • Education/trick training

Does your dog like to run by himself, play catch, take a hike through the woods, or just cuddle on the couch? Of course, lots of petting is always a must and I can cater to your pets needs.  We even offer package deals during the holidays. Since, this kennel is also my home, please call or email for appointments to visit or drop off your pet. This allows me to structure my day around working/playing with the dogs, cleaning, running errands, etc.

As an avid trainer, breeder, and lover of dogs for over 15 years, I also encourage you to join one of my classes in the spring.  Whether you are interested in agility, basic manners, or trick training; group and private lessons can help you build a better bond and relationship with your dog.



Borderhauss Kennels is now a distributer of Flint River Ranch dog/cat food and treats. Flint River is a holistic food that WILL improve the quality of your pets health. These are a few of the reasons I feed Flint River.

-Oven-baked with antibiotic and hormone free meat

-Denser food so I am able to feed less to all my dogs

-No corn, cheap proteins, by-products, chemical preservatives



If you have questions, please contact Borderhauss Kennels. If you would like to place an order or try some samples, contact us and we will set up your account and order for you.

(it's much easier that way!)