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"We have no puppies at this time and no litters planned for the future.  Our girls are spayed and only Tweed remains intact for siring litters.  If I know of any available puppies, they will be posted."

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Available for stud to approved females
born: September 15, 2006 By Zacharia out of BH Oreo
37 lbs 19.5" OFA good, CEA/CH normal, CERF normal, registered ABCA/AKC

TweedTweed Training
This is Tweed. Besides being a cute, split-faced boy, he comes from excellent herding lines. I am very excited to have him and so far he is everything I could have hoped!  He is keen, biddable and works great on sheep. He has good natural distance with the sheep and is able to balance. His flanks are naturally square and he has good pace behind the sheep and covers well. So far, he has passed these wonderful traits to his kids.  He has a few out working and we will be able to see his working genes passed.  He is sensitive to correction but doesn't quit working. It actually makes him a very easy dog to train and work. Tweed entered his first trial at the Bluegrass Classic in Lexington, KY 2008 and he placed 5th in Nov. B.

As far as agility, he is a quick learner and retains information very well.  He learned his 12 weaves in a couple weeks and loves contacts.  He got his AKC novice titles in only two trials and that’s all he’s competed so far.  He is wonderful around the house, very calm and mild mannered, even as an intact male.  Tweed is one of those dogs that has a natural “off” switch and so far, his kids are mostly like him.

W.T. Skoot NA, NAJ, NF, CL2

Born: April 24, 2004 By Flynn out of W.T. Spree
35 lbs and 19"

Skoot is a beautiful blue merle tri-color that has courage for anything.  She tackles every sport with gusto and never shuts down during training.  She attacks all the agility equipment with no fear and received her first AKC title in one weekend with all first places.  She loves to go sledding but will not help unless she is in the lead. She has a very sweet personality and loves to cuddle all people but will be up and ready to go as soon as you make the offer. I never even saw her sleep until she was two and I caught her dozing after a long day of playing in the snow. She whelped her first litter in 2006 and had wonderful pups of all colors.  Many of her pups have been through their “first time on livestock” clinics and done very well.  Some are currently in agililty classes and doing great.  Her first litter is now trialing and it is great to see them work! Please check out her past puppies to see their success stories.

Click to see Skoot's pups

BHK Trim
Born: April 29, 2005 By Bullet out of W.T. Dash
31 lbs and 18"

Trim is one of those wonderful dogs that know what you want even before you ask. She seemed to be born trained.  She is very intelligent and learns very fast.  She is gentle around the house and great with other dogs. Trim also is excellent at agility and a wonderful sled dog, but her true passion is sheep herding and that is where her focus lies. She is very keen and will be very successful with herding as long as mom gets out of the way and lets her do her job. She has natural balance with an excellent ability read the sheep and adjust to the pressures.   She actually 'thinks' about how to fix situations and seems to know when the sheep are stressed so she backs off on the pressure.  Her favorite job is driving and she tries so hard to keep her line.  When Skoot's first litter arrived, she assumed the role of Auntie Trim and babysat all the pups.  She was very gentle and let them climb all over her.  Trim and I entered in our first USBCHA herding trial in Novice (Green Acres Farm Trial '07- Ann Arbor, MI) and she took 1st on Saturday, 2nd on Sunday and overall Novice Champion!  Congrats to a talented girl! Trim's second trial was the Bluegrass Classic in Lexington, KY 2008 where she placed first in Nov. A.  We have now moved to Pro-novice and will try a couple trials with her to see how well she does.

Empanada Traviesita
Chihuahua: Born September 10, 2004


Nada is a great spirit of a dog. She is only 5 lbs but runs with the big dogs.  She is also an excellent agility girl and loves to run.  In her first trial she placed first in both runs.  It does take the teeter a little longer to tip down but she makes up for it during the rest of the run. Nada is my companion that will travel anywhere with me, and I mean anywhere.  Just think of all the places a 4 lb dog can fit.  She lives a princess life but works very hard on her manners.  She knows many tricks but has no interest in being outside in the cold so sledding is out!  She is soon to return to agility as she has had some time off for Luxating Patella surgery and a spay.  Looking forwarding to competing again in 2011.


at the Rainbow Bridge

In memory of
3/10/2002 - 6/25/2005
By W.T. Rocket out of Nitro's Quinn
29 lbs and 18.5"
OFA hips good, CERF normal



Dash was an incredible border collie that had potential in everything she tried. She excelled at agility, accomplishing her first two titles in three trials.  She earned multiple titles in AKC, USDAA, and CPE.

She whelped one litter and I have the privilege of living with one of her daughters, Trim.  Dash died at the very young age of three and will be missed and remembered forever.
Click here for Dash's Puppies

She was also the best lead dog for my sled team.  I only had to ask once and she took every turn exactly where I wanted.  She was also very soft and sensitive to anything she wanted to herd around.

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In memory of

Wile E. Coyote CGC
April 1, 1998 - March 2013
Australian Cannardly ("Can-hardly tell what he is")


Wile E. was my first dog.  I found him at 10 weeks old in Indianapolis. As far as I can tell his mother was a stray and Dad was a German Shepherd. Wile was extremely good in agility and knew his stuff....when I had a hotdog in my hand.  However, he didn't work for free so, agility was just for me.  He Q'd everytime in CPE and USDAA but, as we got higher in the levels we couldn't keep up with the course times.  We did a number of exhibitions at Domino's Farms in Ann Arbor where treats were allowed and he was fast!! Wile was also my trick dog.  I trained him all on hand signals and he would have done great in commercials! Wile E.'s next adventure was Dock Dogs and he was a natural.  On his first attempt he jumped into first place.  What a water dog! He also was great for sledding because he wais a strong dog and loves to pull. Wile E. will always be my best friend! :)