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testimonialpicI started training with Laura when my husband and I rescued our border collie, Hickory. He came to us with many issues from his past situation.  When we were looking for a young companion for Hickory we fell in love with Lola, daughter of Skoot and Rocket.

In typical border collie fashion, Hickory and Lola had a natural affinity for agility, but I did not.  Laura has been such a great trainer for me.  The combination of her knowledge of the sport and dog behavior in addition to very personal and specific instructions has helped teach me how to control Lola's exuberance and still have fun with agility.  It has been such a positive experience training with Laura and developing a bond with Lola and Hickory that will last a lifetime.

Mo Grady
Ann Arbor, MI

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Athena and Cupcake 2010

When our 6 year old daughter decided she wanted to start showing her dog, we were hard pressed to find a trainer that would work with someone so young.  We were overjoyed when we met Miss Laura!  She has the patience and kindness that all good teachers should posses.  Laura has been a wonderful confidence builder and has taught our daughter so much about dog behavior, showmanship, obedience, trick training, and agility.  Our daughter and her dog have developed a strong bond over the last couple of years and have enjoyed participating in the 4-H dog show and local agility trials under Miss Laura’s tutelage.  She is truly a fantastic mentor, teacher, and dog-enthusiast.

Tammi Brandon 2010

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Flyte '07

"Should we get a dog?"  that was the question that would change everything. Both my wife and I had memories of dogs from our childhood, but that was nothing to prepare us.

We were lucky enough to start and end our search for little Flyte with Laura. Having heard stories about bad breeders made us cautious but at Borderhauss we not only found our puppy but we gained an advisor to answer our questions.  When I thought I turned the puppy agressive by playing tug of war, Laura put us at ease. When Flyte got bit by a bug, Laura kept us calm and told us what to look for. When it came time to begin training, we were in Laura's basement with other puppies from the litter. When the weather turned nice we moved to her front yard.  Have you seen all of the agility toys?  We have so much fun working with Flyte and the other trainees.   Laura always listens and always gives constructive and supportive criticism.  When we travel, Flyte visits Laura. She comes back having learned something new or being a  bit more behaved. Laura modestly credits her pack for keeping Flyte in line, but we know its not that easy.

Our experience with Borderhauss and with Laura have been great. Flyte is a better dog because of Laura's continued involvement and her enthusiasm has rubbed off on us. We have recommended her to our friends and sometimes to strangers for training, boarding, or breeding. The true proof is that we are on the waiting list for the next litter, this time a brother for Flyte.  I imagine it is easy to find breeders, but we would not imagine going anywhere else based on our extremely positive experiences.

Ji Hye & Karl, Ann Arbor, MI

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Guiness '07

I highly recommend Laura Hauss as an instructor for agility and basic dog obedience.  For over a year, she has helped me with my intelligent but at times, difficult, Rottweiler.  She adjusts quickly to both the handler’s and dog’s needs.  She is very knowledgeable about all areas of agility and also about dogs’ behavior in general.  Above all, she is patient with people and dogs.  Having FUN is what it should be all about and Laura is especially good keeping her student interested and the dog working with a good attitude.

Thanks for a great time!

Bonnie Westfall, MI

Guiness Targeting

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Cy '07 CPE Nationals

Laura's abilities as an agility instructor have made my dog and I so much better at agility trials. She has helped me correct the bad habits I had created for myself and my dog. She taught me so many new techniques which have made it possible for Cy and I to advance to Level 3 in CPE. I am quite confident that by the end of this year we will be up to Level 4. She is always patient and able to point out what might work better from the dog's view. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting agility instruction for competition or just for fun.

Carolyn, MI

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Skamp '07

I wanted to share my experience in agility training with Laura.  My little Skamp is a Toy Aussie, a two year old dog that has a mind of her own!!!  She has been in training for Agility for 1 ½ years.  What I really appreciate about Laura is that she observes the dog and teaches according to what each dog can do.  If one way doesn’t teach the dog, she will do research and come up with another way of dealing with the problem.  Laura has a very gentle way of explaining what the handler might be doing wrong, a very positive way of teaching.   Skamp and I feel very fortunate to have such a trainer.   

Rhea Hartley, MI

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Hi, my name is Hawkeye.  When I was adopted I knew two things, don't pee in the house and how to take people for a walk.  So my "forever" mom already had me signed up for obedience classes.  Well, I just didn't get it;  I mean how many sit-stays did a dog have to do? Needless to say I got bored and mom got frustrated.  So she decided to take me to Laura for agility classes.
Well let me tell you, the minute I walked into that building and saw all those obstacles, I knew this was for me.  What I didn't know was that you still need to learn those sit stay things, and more.  But that Laura, she sure knows us dogs.  It's like she knows how to teach it without us even knowing, ya know?  Boy she is smart.  And people, yeah, she gets them too. She takes time to make sure our people understand too. If you're looking for a trainer, you have to check Laura out. I mean I still have a long way to go, but I've come a long way. Thanks Laura.  Oh yeah, and Thanks Mom! 
*Note: This is Shelly, Hawkeyes' Mom.  I can't even begin to tell you what a difference there has been in Hawkeye. I do suggest you take a moment to watch the video on Laura's web page and those on her face book. You will see one thing in common with all those dogs and their owners, besides learning, their having fun.  That says allot!


Katie 2010

Laura's knowledge of dogs and agility means that I always leave her class with some better understanding of my dog or knowledge on how to improve my training or handling skills.
Laura brings a high level of encouragement and support to both the dogs and handlers in her classes. An attitude that seems to spread to the students in class which makes the training a truely enjoyable and rewarding part of agility. We only spend a minute in the ring on an agility run, so the quality of the training experience of many hours over many months is an important part of the sport to me.

Laura has provided both Katie and I with exellent training. I can recommend her in the strongest terms to anyone who desires to learn or improve their agility skills. Or improve the working relationship that they have with their dog. In the last three years I have participated in training at two other locations. I learned some things in those prior classes, but this last year at Borderhauss, with Laura we have found our agility training home. Can't wait for the next class or fun run.

Roger Chance, Fowlerville, Michigan

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Athena and “You Quack me up” a.k.a. Quack

Samantha and “Maggie”

For the past few years, Laura has helped out 4-H club with dog showmanship and obedience, duck showmanship, and sheep showmanship.  Our club members have enjoyed having her guidance and expertise and have performed well in the showring.  We are ever grateful to Laura for sharing her time and talent. 

Kibbles & Bitz 4-H Club 2010

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Rena '07

I recently lost my Border Collie to cancer after 12 years, she was my best friend and touched the lives of many people as well as her job as blood donor to sick puppies, She went to work at an Emergency Pet Care Hospital everyday and would help grieving owner with their loss. As you can see she was a great loss to everyone. After several months without her I decided to find another Border Collie. I looked for weeks and talked to many breeders, unsatisfied with most, I saw a picture and a website that totally impressed me, this was a person who looked like she loved and cared about the safety and that her dogs were going to great homes. I called and spoke to Laura about the little girl in the picture and gratefully she was still for sale. Laura was extremely knowledgeable about the breed as well as the health. I purchased the puppy from her, she kept in touch with me until she as well as her veterinarian felt it was safe for this little puppy to make the trip to Florida. The day that she was shipped Laura's care and concern for this little puppy did not stop their. Laura continued to call me all day as well as spending a lot of time to insure that this puppy made her connecting flight until I had this little puppy safe in my arms late at night. Laura called me after a few days and a few weeks, to make sure that I liked her and things we going well.. A few weeks went by and I received a care package for my puppy from Laura with all kinds of things toys, blanket, treats, carpet spray, heartworm prevention and more. I have been in the veterinary business for 30 years and I' ve seen my share of bad breeders and sick puppies. I can tell you that I've never come across anyone like this before, she cares about her puppies not just the money. I will always be forever grateful to Laura and her wonderful puppy Rena. I will never purchase a puppy from anyone else. What a great experience and a truly wonderful person.

Robin Csire, Loxahatchee, Fl.

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I have have several occasions to "board" my dogs at Borderhaus Kennels. I say "board" because it is not like any other boarding experience. My dogs were able to play with Laura's well mannered dogs or just hang out enjoying themselves. Laura knows dogs very well, and very carefully introduces dogs to be sure there are no problems. Dogs in her care are supervised to make sure problems don't develop. She takes of the boarders just as she would her own dogs, and clearly Laura loves dogs!   I can go away and not have to worry about my dogs being stressed out in a traditional kennel developing bad habits.  When I come back, I just have to convince my dogs to come back home!

I have also taken classes with Laura with my young dog introducing him to the sport of agility. Laura knows the sport of agility very well, and explains concepts clearly and patiently. She ensures each student is practicing correctly with their dogs, and provides feedback that allows students to improve their handling and communication with their dogs. Classes are paced to account for each individual team's progress, and each dog/handler team progresses at their own rate to ensure success. Most importantly Laura makes sure each handler/dog team has fun while keeping the dog working safely.

Whether it is dog-friendly boarding you need for your canine family members or you want to learn the sport of agility, you will be very pleased with Laura's services.

Linda Nichols, CPDT
Fido FUNdamentals LLC

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Zoey Chloe

Tucker, Zoe
and Chloe '05

All three of my dogs and my family love Laura and Borderhauss Kennels.  Laura was one of the foster moms for two of our dogs when they were puppies.  She then helped me with training (individual, group class and agility).  She also trained one of our dogs in house for a week when we were having trouble with her.  Whenever we go on vacation we board the dogs with Laura and they come home happy.  All of our experiences with Borderhauss Kennels has been great.  Laura is professional, very knowledgeable and absolutely loves dogs.  Her classes are a lot of fun and she is an excellent teacher.  All of my dogs just love her up every time we see her! 

Margaret Compton, Ann Arbor, MI

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