Come Rain or Shine! We're indoors!

Borderhauss Kennels teaches positive reinforcement training. We use lots of treats, toys, praise, and fun, but still have consistently high expectations.

We have a large venue to offer multiple dog activities and lessons. Our agility classes are indoors in a 4000 sq. ft. arena.

Since these are small classes you will have one-on-one guidance to give you a new approach to common behavior problems while learning dog sports. Typical group classes are too large; there are many small details that help your dog learn to be more efficient and consistent. 

If you are unsure which class is right for you, please feel free to call, email, or come out for an evaluation.  These classes are designed to help you and your dog with whatever you need. We are flexible and tend to cater the classes toward your dog.

We have private lessons and only a few classes at this time.  Please plan on arriving early to potty your pup before entering the training building.  This is a no pee zone and we look forward to many, many years of pee free training.  Thanks for your help.


Borderhauss Kennels Calendar Schedule



Online Training
For those of you that live too far away or just can't make the schedule work, you can work from home with your dog.  I have an option to purchase a video of the lessons.  You will get a chance to ask questions, video yourself for feedback, and follow along from home.  After purchasing, I will email you a password and a link to the video.  Please check back as new videos will be added periodically. 

Borderhauss: Beginner Agility

Lesson Payment Policy



Class Descriptions


Agility First, Second, Third Step – for pups/dogs 6 months or younger
This is a class designed to help you start agility.  We will work on introducing all the obstacles, basic obedience to use during agility, and proper motivation and rewards.  We help you learn to teach your pup how to be safe on all obstacles and yet, love it!!  Any dog can do agility, but how many look like they love it and want to keep running!  If you have never done agility before, then this is the class for you.  

Agility Sequences I, II, III  - for pups/dogs 6 months and older
This is a class designed to help you continue your foundation agility.  We will work on combining all the obstacles and basic obedience you learned in “first, second, and third step” with proper motivation and rewards.  We help you learn to teach your pup to be off leash in small sequence with distractions.  We will also learn to finish the weave poles and contact 2o 2o.  You will learn a variety of crosses to use and increase your 'bag of tricks'.  We will also work on toy motivation in exchange for treats.  If your dog can perform all obstacles with little or no help,  and has a good working relationship with you, then this is the class for you.  We will also focus on ‘manners’ outside the ring.  “what to do with your motivated dog while watching others run.”

Competition Agility – for dogs and handlers that are ready for trials (AKC, USDAA, CPE)
This is a class designed to build on your foundation skills, sequences and apply them to full courses.  We will use the crosses you have already learned and practice them in ‘course settings’.   Each class will have  full course taken from a trial and we will break it down.  We will touch on topics including but not limited to; front, rear, and blind crosses, acceleration and deceleration, looking at the course from the "dog's point of view", sends, etc.   You will learn how to give the right information to your dog in order to complete a course the first time.


These are private lessons for those students that want "one on one" help.  We will work on your individual needs and progress are your rate.  We can start with 'itty bitty' pups all the way thought the adult 'retired' dog that just wants to play for fun.  Some students that have reactive dogs come to private lessons to get a better handle on their working relationship before moving into a group class.  Agility can also be a great way to work on problem behaviors by asking for control at your dogs highest state of mind.  If your dog can have self control running off leash through a fast paced agility course while ignoring other dogs, sheep outside the building, and ducks quacking, then I think he could handle the neighborhood walk.  :)


Remember: Come Rain or Shine - We're indoors!