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Welcome to Borderhauss Agility Training. All of your lessons are broken into four categories of skills to practice because we take a whole dog approach to agility. We will work on basic foundation skills that will be used in everyday life forever (obedience), wellness skills to help improve the overall health of your canine athlete (strength), agility skills specific to developing the competition dog (equipment), and handler skills designed to teach you the mechanics of agility handling apart from the dog (handling).


The most important part is to have fun and enjoy your dog and your time together.   Our students currently range from a family dog playtime all the way to agility dog champion.  You choose how far you'd like to go.


Contact us to find out which class is most appropriate for you to join.

"So Thumper and I have been students of Laura for many years. Let me say, I was far less of an enthusiastic student than Thumper. Thumper is a very excitable, energetic, and smart little border collie mix that had a hard time with my laid back, yet regimented personality. I'll admit it, I'm a rules person. Thumper tried every possible antic to get me to relax and enjoy our journey in agility, but I struggled and I struggled. Thanks to LAURA, I finally started to appreciate and enjoy the goofy dog I had. I can not say enough about Laura's talents as a coach, teacher, and mentor....
If you're even thinking about training with your dog, look no further, Laura is about as good as it gets.
Today, although distance has made attending agility difficult for Thumper and I, all the lessons Laura has taught us has created an incredible bond between Thumper and I. Thanks Laura!"

Agility Group Class Descriptions

Foundation Agility (8 weeks)

This class is a must for anyone that wants to try agility.  You will learn basic obedience, impulse control, introduction to jumps and tunnels.  It is perfect for your new puppy to get a great start as everything is age appropriate. This class is also great for the older rescue dog that needs a fresh start. Bring your family and come laugh with us as we train your dog and have a great time! Pre-req: none


Handling FUNdamentals (8 weeks)

This class will take you and your dog through all handling skills with jumps and tunnels.  If you've just left the foundation class this is an excellent next step.  If you are currently competing but maybe not progressing like you wanted. You can still trial while taking this class as it will only benefit you. You will be able to practice in your living room in between classes and learn all the steps toward great handling. pre-req: foundation agility highly suggested

Handling 2 (8 weeks)

This class is continued education on the handling skills needed to complete a course.  You will put all you have previously learned into bigger sequences and see the results of your foundation work coming together. This class really brings the fun side of successful handling as you are rewarded for your hard work in the previous class. This is my favorite course to teach as the teams grow into fast, consistant, and confident partners. Pre-req: Handling FUNdamentals

Agility Contacts and Weaves (8 weeks)

This class will work on contact obstacles (Aframe, Teeter, Dogwalk, Table) and weave poles through easy to do at home exercises that are fun and skill building.  This class will teach your beginner dog or retrain your advanced dog to learn independent and drivey 2o2o/stopped contacts, running foot targets, and 2x2 weaves. Pre-req: Foundation Agility high suggested

Agility Sequences

This class is the final class in learning before moving to full courses. We will encourage you to use all your previous skills and put them together. This is a vital step between basic handling and full courses and trials. You will practice putting it all together, choosing the safest yet most efficient handling, working the dog's line, getting the information to the dog at the correct time, and how to handle mistakes.

Pre-req: Handling FUNdamentals and Handling 2 highly suggested

Cy C-ATCH,owned by Caroline Linsday

CPE Agility Trial Champion

Masters Agility Class

This will be a chance to practice all your handling and obstacle skills on sequences. Each week, we will work on a specific skill for dog and handler, discuss the why and where of handling choices, and try options. Each dog should be proficient on each obstacle and handlers should have at minimum of one class in handling in order to provide the safest environment. I suggest taking each of the previous classes prior to joining this class to take full advantage of our training.  This class allows drop in or multiple weeks scheduling.  We will use sequences from AKC, USDAA, and CPE trials often. Pre-req: obstacle proficiency and knowledge of common handling terms


Thanks for all you do! You're an outstanding teacher and I've grown tons since taking your classes!! Tommy and I wouldn't be where we are if not for you and the knowledge you share. Tommy is so much better at focusing on me and I've learned so many things from you that have fine-tuned my dog handling skills. I love all the positive reinforcement we use in class! Tommy and I both are much more confident as a result of all we've learned together. For sure Tommy loves agility (me too!) and we look forward to doing full, challenging, and 'fun' courses ...the kind you always provide.

-Rochelle and Tommy

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