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Get your puppy off to a great start with basic husbandry, body awareness, distraction help, and social skills. We feel puppies need to build confidence in themselves and their family before adding other dogs and people to their training. Therefore we suggest a private lesson package first.

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Beginning to Brilliant!

Private Consultation Package

  • This Packages takes you through all 8 modules of our puppy course. 

    • 8 private consults with me. You have a professional at your side. You are no longer on your own, I am here to help you.

    • Your first lesson is your Initial Consultation. 

    • Immediate access to my step-by-step video tutorials you can re-watch and learn in your own time. Share with anyone in the family so they can participate in the learning without you having to be the teacher all the time.

    • Access to a private Facebook group, so you can have immediate support, ask questions, share videos and connect with other puppy parents.

    • You can reach out via email when you get stuck at anytime, so I can support you and help you through the situation right when you need it.

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Puppy's First Year!

Let us help you get started with your puppy! This is for puppies ages 8 weeks - a year.


  • We help with basic management including potty training, biting, age appropriate exercise, and basic husbandry/grooming needs.


  • We will also help you learn how to prevent those unwanted behaviors and build skills you want instead. We help you learn how to properly and methodically socialize your puppy to new people, things, places, dogs, and other animals.


  • As we move into adolescence, there are many developments happening for your puppy as their brain reorganizes. We can walk you through those challenges and discoveries. This package includes:

    • board and shape (optional)

    • private consultations - unlimited

    • puppy group class - unlimited

    • discovery walks - unlimited


For a whole year.

Contact us for more information!

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Skills 

Group Class

  • We follow the AKC 6 week puppy course teaching

    • Grooming 

    • Potty training

    • Social skills

    • Sit

    • Down

    • Come  

    • For puppy under 1 year of age
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