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"Bailey and I have been training with Laura for two years. I thought we understood agility and had been to trials but realized that we were missing "something". Bailey couldn't weave correctly and was deathly afraid of the teeter. I found Laura and our journey and OUR training has been amazing. Bailey actually knows the right thing to do even when I mess up. Re training is so much harder than doing it right the first time. But Laura kept encouraging both of us.
I am so thankful that we found Borderhauss and will highly recommend her."

Emma and Bailey

2016 - present

Agility Re-training

"Laura is an amazing dog trainer. My rescue dog is incredibly fearful, and when we first started agility, I wasn't sure whether or not she would ever be able to run an agility course due to her behavioral issues. Today, Emmy LOVES going to her agility lessons with Laura, and she is now a motivated, focused and super happy dog when training. Laura is incredibly patient and explains training concepts in a way that makes sense even to those of us who are new to dog training and agility. Grateful to have found a place that fosters such a supportive, positive training environment"

Emily and Emmy


Behavioral Rehabilitation

"Cheryl and I would like to thank you for helping us develop the full potential of our puppy.  Your sharing of experience in animal behavior has been very beneficial.  The explanation of proper use of reward techniques and the supporting rationale has given us a greater understanding of how our puppy thinks.  Often we caught our selves rewarding the behavior that we were trying to eliminate .  The on line support for the class was very clear, concise and supportive to the hands on instruction.  Hopefully we will be able to continue in your classes as Clancy matures .  Thanks again,"


Cheryl, Bill, and Clancy


Puppy Class

I am very proud of what we have accomplished and very appreciative of all the help you have given us – I know for a fact that without your guidance we would not be here. This past weekend during the 2015 Michigan Winter Dog Expo. We got our last legs for STD and JWW in open and we moved to Excellent!   Ice  in her weaves did not miss one!!  Thank you so much for all your tips and your patience with us… we are delivering results.

--Martha and Ice

Agility Training

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