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Jump Success!

If you have a new agility puppy or a new to agility dog, why not start out on the right feet with jump training so it never becomes a problem and more importantly, keeps our dogs safe. Do you have an older dog that you'd like to keep strong? I use these skills modified for my older dogs to keep in shape.


Do you take your dog running in the woods or is your dog a natural furniture jumping Olympian? Do you participate in obedience, frisbee, flyball, or freestyle dance with your dog? Lets teach your dog to jump properly and develop his body awareness.


This is a skill for all dogs regardless if they end up in the performance world. No need for prior skills, just need basic obedience to work in a group class.  We work from the beginning and adjust for each dog's needs for all dogs 6 months and older to oldest.

Note: we do not jump young dogs unless you have ex-rayed for growth plate closure. We use puppy bumps to still develop the skills needed. Older dogs not recently active should have a visit with your veterinarian or other comparable professional before beginning this class or we can simply use the puppy bumps and modify all skills appropriately.

Welcome to Borderhauss Agility Jump Training. Many agility dogs learn all the obstacles, to great proficiency and handlers work all the fancy moves and are able to get through trials and courses well but... the bars come down. This is an area that needs separate work for our dogs. Jumping is a skill that makes up 90% of the agility courses and unfortunately is lacking in most trial dogs. This class will help you with all your jump work by building flexibility, strength, and body awareness through jumping grids.


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