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Neila after her frist USDAA trial

Miss Neila after her and her owner's 1st USDAA Agility Trial

Borderhauss Membership

Included in your monthly Membership:


A full video website with...

  •  7 weeks of puppy foundations

  • 8 weeks in Foundations for Agility

  • 8 weeks in Handling FUNdamentals

  • 8 weeks in Handling 2

  • 10 weeks Jump Grids

  • 8 weeks of weave training

  • 8 weeks on contact work

  • 9 hours of Sequencing and growing

  • 8 weeks of Canine Good Citizen lessons

    • **NEW** working multiple dogs



Members receive 25% off any classes and private lessons.

And if that's not enough...

Bonus video lessons and new exercises added quarterly


And if that's still not enough...

A private facebook group to answer questions and get video feedback, watch bonus videos, and just share with other like-minded dog trainers.

Borderhauss making great family pets

"Cheryl and I would like to thank you for helping us develop the full potential of our puppy.  Your sharing of experience in animal behavior has been very beneficial.  The explanation of proper use of reward techniques and the supporting rationale has given us a greater understanding of how our puppy thinks.  Often we caught our selves rewarding the behavior that we were trying to eliminate .  The on line support for the class was very clear, concise and supportive to the hands on instruction.  Hopefully we will be able to continue in your classes as Clancy matures."

Thanks again, Cheryl, Bill, and Clancy

"I think the website and the videos are wonderful. Having all of the previous foundation videos to watch and fill in the missing pieces was very helpful. I also really appreciate that you and Tweed don't edit out the oopses from the videos. It's very helpful to see how to work with the incorrect responses."

-Kim and Zuke

Borderhauss Membership
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