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For those that want One on One help

30 Day Extreme Doggie Makeover

Imagine your dog listening to you all the time, regardless of distractions.  Think about your dog not jumping on grandma and not barking at the delivery driver.  Picture your dog walking quietly beside you on leash. How would your life change if your dog greeted your guests calmly and then went to his bed to relax. No gimmicks and no pain.


    (within the 30 days)

  • 1 week board and train

  • 2 In-Home Consultations

  • 2 Private Consultations On Site

  • 12 Commands


  • Unlimited use of group classes for distraction work

  • lifetime access to 250+ online videos of each exercise

  • lifetime access to Borderhauss Trainers for questions

Borderhauss Perfect Family Pet

I'm loving this video stuff...I just watched my bathrobe session and I'm proud of some of my choices.  I can really see where I need improvement but more important I can see what we did right!

--April and Kindle

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