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In Person (private) or Online

Online, Internet and Technology

All of our classes require watching online videos, taking videos of yourself (for personal use), logging your training, doing human homework and practicing outside of lessons. Don't worry, we will help you with every step of the way!

Private Consultations

Need some one-on-one help? Are you looking to start off on the right paw, increase your performance sport, or work some behaviors that your are not sure how to proceed? Is your dog lounging, barking, fearful or having anxiety? Grab a private consultation package for a personalized plan just for you and your dog.

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Puppy Skills

Get your puppy off to a great start with body awareness, impulse control, crate games and social skills. We feel puppies need to build confidence in themselves and their family before adding other dogs and people to their training. Therefore we suggest a private lesson package first.

For puppy 8 weeks to 3 months


Help your dog to find his best manners in your home, out in public, and prepare for sport training. Teach basic obedience, retrieve, recalls, consent behaviors, leash walking, impulse control and distraction work.


Take your foundation skills out to the real world. Continue to build the layers of learning outside of the training environment. Let's help our dog's generalize their skills to be a brilliant family pet.


Put your best paw forward with our agility lessons from excellent foundations through competition. If you are a complete novice playing just for fun or retraining for the gold medal, you've come to the right place for GREAT agility! It doesn't matter what your goals in agility are, we all need a great plan to begin.

Brilliant Blocks of FIT FUN

A layer by layer program to building fitness, confidence and strength in your dog. This program is the why and what order of fitness exercises to keep your dog safe from injury and maintain the sport dog. It is included in the monthly membership. This is an online self-paced course with instructors at your fingertips!

It is appropriate for senior dogs and puppies, too! Talk to us about your dog first to make sure everything is safe for you pet.



We all love to train our dogs and sometimes we just can't make the schedules work. Join our monthly membership and have 24/7 access to all our lesson plans on a full video website.
NEW to the website: a full fitness and conditioning program to maintain our athletic dogs and keep our pets safe from injury

Lecture Series

Occasionally, we give a 2 hour lecture on different topics and send you home with a lesson plan for your own dogs.