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Life Skills

Private Consultations

Help your dog to find his best life in your home, out in public, and/or prepare for sport training. Teaching basic life skills like retrieve, recalls, cooperative care behaviors, leash walking, and distraction work can change the way you look at your dog. We can tailor to your unique needs.


Have a family, don't worry, we can help! We can help you navigate the world of kids and dogs and the whole family. Kids need to learn right along with our dogs and feel confident. Taking time to cultivate the relationship between your kids and your dog can have a long-lasting impression for all. Sign up to help now! 

  • 4 private consultations 

  • 6 private consultations

  • Beginning To Brilliant! best deal 

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Board and Shape 

  • This plan is for people that are wanting to get a clear beginning for their dog skills. We will look at your lifestyle, your dog's history, and the needs for both you and your dog. We build a plan that is specific to your family, including the dogs.

  •  You will learn your skills at home online and through phone consults. You will follow along with our lessons so the integration process is easy.

  • We build basic learning for your dog, determine the physical and mental needs of your dog, and help determine any lifestyle adjustments that need to be addressed.

  • Contact us for details and I will try to convince you to do the training yourself with my help ;)

  • You will still need to learn the lessons to have your dog integrate back into your home


Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Group Class Practice 

  • This class is a drop-in Practice to learn about:

    • How dogs learn behaviors​

    • Mechanics for the Handler

    • Reinforcement is everywhere - Premack It

    • How to read your dog's body language

    • How to break down skills without frustration

    • Deeper understanding of the Science of behavior

  • We teach the behaviors required by the AKC skills test and help you prepare for the exam to become a Canine Good Citizen. 

  • The test consists of 10 skills every dog should know, so you and your dog can go out in public and feel confident and comfortable. 

  • Options to progress to Therapy Dog, Community Canine, Urban Canine, Farm Dog, etc.

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Monthly Membership 

  • We all love to train our dogs and sometimes we just can't make the schedules work. Join our monthly membership and have 24/7 access to all our lesson plans on a full video website.

  • Full private Facebook group for support with others

  • Access to our instructors through email

  • Discounts on private consults

  • Building Rental to practice on your own schedule

  • Members receive the latest training along with a monthly challenge to keep you building your family skills.

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Introductory Consult In Person 

  • This is an initial meeting for us both of us. I can observe your dog and you, discuss those observations and make suggestions. I will give you skills to take home and practice immediately to help make improvements. I will also recommend which package I suggest to gain the most from your time. 

  • This will take place at my home in Howell, MI.


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Discovery Zoom

  • We all love to train our dogs and sometimes we just can't make the schedules work.

  • This will be an online zoom meeting to get to know you and your dog. I can share how our process for training works. Please schedule when you have time to be away  from distractions.  


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